Mango Academy

Creative eLearning for Latam

Millions of young Latin American entrepreneurs cannot scale their businesses because of the lack of access to digital and creative literacy. I conceptualized and created an online solution called Mango Academy, a simple product to help them learn with step-by-step video lessons and checkpoints based on actionable training.

Role - Research, Branding, Creative & Art Direction, UX/UI Designer, Video Producer, Business Developer.

Year - 2020

Project -

The challenge

Starting officially in November 2019, I committed to developing a fully scalable and functional cloud-based product to help SMB owners in Latin America access remote learning.

With tight deadlines and a small budget, the main problem was finding the right tools and coding frameworks to help develop and iterate fast without sacrificing quality and performance of the app.

The solution

After trial and error, I decided to work on a Django framework using a Python-based open-source product called Open Edx that was created by MIT and Harvard University.

I created an entire customization and developing checklist that turned into a smooth and fast learning experience, using a creative video production strategy to create 48 video lessons in just 3 weeks.


Galápagos Experience
How digital literacy revolutionizes business in the Galápagos Islands.